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Fire Wood

Upcycled & Sourced Responsibly

How We Source Responsibly

The fashion industry creates a lot of waste already so we try to do our part by sourcing more ethically.  We purchase beads from a supplier who donates to different animals in need. 

Thrift shopping for supplies is another way we try to create conscientiously. I love finding individual centers, containers of beads, or other accessories to reuse their materials as supplies. A good portion of our display items were also found at thrift stores.


We have also been fortunate to have had many people gift me their supplies and jewelry items for me to recycle into new pieces. I have even upcycled leather couch swatches for beading projects. háʔnəŋ cn ʔaʔ tə n̕sʔə́ŋaʔc. 'Thank you for what you've given me.'


This necklace and earring set  includes beads from all three examples of sourcing responsibly.  

Along with sourcing responsibly, we try to participate in events that raise funds for different organizations, charities, and non-profits. Find out more about this on our event page. Know of a cool event we should participate in? Please message us on social media or email us with the details!

Shop our sustainably sourced products below!

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